i was trying to find a brush i felt emulated manga lines and i couldn’t find anything so i screwed around and did my own. >.>

It’s pretty simple — no special textures or anything other than the settings you see.

Some tips: 

  • Don’t worry too much about line weight via pressure**. If it happens, it happens, but with this brush the line weight is best added in manually by going over your lines repeatedly until they’re thicker (or lessened via trimming the edges of the lines with a low opacity, soft edge eraser brush).

  • ** That said, please make sure that pen pressure is on for best effects.

  • For the most part, don’t use the stabiliser. That manga-y look is much better rendered when you have those little wobbly imperfections.**

  • ** If you think your lineart is too wobbly, make sure you are using fast, short movements instead of trying to force your hand to not wobble. Using the stabiliser should be okay for those long, long lines but be sure to adjust your line weights without it on.

  • Feel free to adjust how hard or soft you have to press with this brush, and feel free to adjust size, but the harder you have to press / the smaller the brush is, the better the results.

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